Teachers of Rajasthan are travelling via camel to teach their students due to lacking mobile networks
Rajasthan Education

As the schools are closed due to second wave of Covid – 19, teachers of Barmer Rajasthan are travelling to the homes of students to teach them, ensuring the education should not suffer because of the pandemic. 

Teachers are moving on camels especially for the students who have limited access to internet connectivity. 

Saurav Swami, Director of Rajasthan Education Department said, “Out of 75 lakh students, many do not have mobile phones. So, the state government decided that teachers will go to their homes once a week for class 1-8, and twice a week for class 9-12.” 

Principal of Government Higher Senior School, Bhimthal, Room Singh Jakhar said, “A few teachers are really working hard to ensure students get regular notes on time. A few of them are Muknaram Dhaka, Biharilal Dhaka and Birmaram Bana. We have selected 100 students to be reached.” 

“I salute and thank this team of teachers. This should be continued further,” Roop Singh added. 

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