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The University aims to create quality human resources that are capable of meeting and successfully overcoming the global challenges of tomorrow and contribute effectively to global developments.

Techno India University, West Bengal, was established through West Bengal State Legislature Act in the year 2012. They are one of the best private universities in the global panorama. The university is renowned for its world class faculty members whose unmatched guidance efficiently grooms students and scholars and transforms their dreams into reality. They are committed to generating, disseminating, and preserving knowledge, and to working in collaboration with academic institutes, research centers, and several knowledge hubs within the country and abroad. The university is dedicated to providing its students and scholars with an education that combines rigorous academic study and the excitement of discovery with the support and the intellectual stimulation of world class faculty members.

They develop the ability and positivity to work wisely, creatively, and effectively for the betterment of the society in each member of the campus. The cutting edge research of the university is the outcome of the honorable Chancellor’s Vision 2025. This research is not embedded in the pages of books, but translated into practical knowledge through several product developments. Solar energy-based instruments, organic food products like tulsi desserts, marine floral-based snacks, seaweed-based ice-creams, and cookies are some of the innovative products of the Techno India University, West Bengal. They are not only eco-friendly and healthy, but also serve as roadmaps of livelihood for millions of unemployed youth. Thus, the university is driven by a shared purpose: to make a better, poverty-free world through education, research, and innovation.

Exceptional Educational Facilities

The university aims at providing quality education, accompanied by brilliant infrastructure and unwavering dedication by the teaching staff. They provide a plethora of courses ranging from B. Sc., M. Sc., Ph D., B. Pharm, M. Pharm, BCA, MCA, BBA, MBA, B. Arch, BBA LLB, and courses on mass communication, microbiology, biotechnology, mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, science, engineering and technology, management studies, and many more. The university is approved by many renowned bodies like the Council of Architecture, Pharmacy Council of India, and Bar Council of India.

Enhancing Students’ Employability

In order to address the issue of employability and to reinforce the “Skills over Degrees” argument, Techno India Group (TIG) started an interdisciplinary and completely experimental “Institution of the Future” called Offbeat CCU. It focuses on holistic skills, from tai chi, martial arts, and yoga to blockchain, drone piloting, ethical hacking, and everything in between – acquired through community living amidst peers belonging to completely different fields of learning. They intend to build empathy and emotional intelligence in the students by exposing them to differences in thoughts, opinions, and educational paths.

Another highly differentiating stream they have recently started at TIG is sustainability. The group is one of the only educational institutions to have welcomed a sustainability director in its management team. It works towards integrating sustainability into all existing engineering and business streams, and multiplying the opportunities for students to develop professional skills through impact internships for the greater social and environmental good.

Apart from this, Techno India University has introduced a major course in their curriculum known as ESD (Entrepreneurship Skill Development) as a mandatory subject in each semester for the entire course duration. This has helped the students to develop their team spirit, organizational skills, sense of initiative and responsibility, and most importantly leadership skills. In this course, students brainstorm the whole semester for development of a new and innovative product, where students from different disciplines come together to live their dreams and give it a real life form.

Disseminating the Knowledge of Computer Science

The university conducts a host of programs for students and educators who are all working to promote interest and success in computer science, by encouraging curiosity, creativity, and persistence at a young age. The Computer Science Teachers Association has been constituted to support and promote of computer sciences. The members of the association work on a multitude of levels to pursue their goals – collaborating with educators, creating effective policies and standards, and providing reference materials.

With the vision of the Chairman for expanding participation of students more in the computer sciences, the university provides equal opportunity for students to learn about the subject and gain interest in the field. They have designed courses, partnering with similar organizations, training teachers, and breaking stereotypes.

The university heads a special initiative ‘Girls breaking Code’ to help and spread computer awareness program amongst girls. They are organizing special Summer Indulgence Program which provides participants an eight-week long intensive workshop in robotics, web design, and mobile development.

The Visionary Chancellor

Prof. Goutam Roychowdhury is the Chancellor of Techno India University, West Bengal. He started his journey in 1983 with one computer and a handful of students. By 1998, he was able to convince the state government for the need of private engineering education and thus, started the maiden private engineering college in the state of West Bengal. Prof. Goutam’s vision and mission has always been to serve the society in a different way for its betterment and to prepare it for the future. He is a visionary, who can predict what will be the need of the education field in the next decade. His unwavering dedication has taken the Techno India Group and Techno India University to the heights of educational and career excellence.

Collaborative Endeavors

Throughout its journey of imparting exceptional educational and career development opportunities, the university has carried out many noteworthy collaborations. Some of their noteworthy associations include:

  • Faculty and student exchanges where research and project interests converge
  • Research scholar exchanges where faculty collaborations are active and innovation is purpose driven
  • Joint degree/semester exchange programs where faculty and student collaborations are strong & sustainable
  • Study Abroad” programs to enhance mobility of undergraduate students
  • MOUs with reputed institutes to enhance global outreach
  • Exploring collaboration with global industry for international internship and placement opportunity
  • Engagement of faculty, students, and alumni with entrepreneurs, startup to maximize sustainable development and societal impact of Techno India University, West Bengal
  • Engagement with partner embassies and ministries from around the world in promoting bilateral exchange and collaborations.

Developing International Relationships

The university aims to elevate global engagement to world-class standards. Their mission is to develop strong and sustainable international partnerships with research laboratories, academic institutions, industry, and entrepreneurs. They aim to meet the aspirations of the faculty and student communities.

The International Office has a dedicated team of executives working on all aspects of international engagement including global operations, administrative support, alliances, and partnerships. The student team of Student International Relationship Cell (SIPC) works as brand ambassador for the Office of International Programs. The university currently has under graduate and doctoral students from Ghana, Bangladesh, and Bhutan.

Brilliant Career Opportunities and Exposures

Techno India Group has also helped in raising the living standards of the students by arranging for campus placements and successful jobs from major tech companies like Microsoft, Intel, Hitachi, Byju’s, CTS, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, and so on. Apart from this, the university has introduced a major course in their curriculum known as ESD (Entrepreneurship Skill Development) as a mandatory subject in each semester for the entire course duration. This has helped the students to develop their team spirit, organizational skills, sense of initiative and responsibility, and most importantly, leadership skills.

They also arrange various international and national level seminars and workshops, where dignitaries from all around the world are invited to give their insights and acquired knowledge. To mention one, IEEE conference, one of the most prestigious conference in the field of engineering, is held every year in the university. In this conference, many eminent professors and industry personals are invited to give lectures. Also, presentation of various research papers works by the scholars and students from Techno India University, West Bengal, and from colleges and universities in and around Kolkata, as well as from around the world are also conducted.

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