Technology: Revolutionizing Education Industry and Making Learning more interesting
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The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art.” – John Lasseter, a famous American Animator and Filmmaker, and also the Chief Creative Officer at Pixar.

It is true that we – humans are increasing our dependency on technology day-by-day. It is one such component which is not only getting into our veins instead it is entering into our blood cells. The time has arrived that we can hardly imagine an hour without technological devices. Despite having numerous effects, technology offers multiple positive effects which create the foundation for our discussion, i.e., technology and its influence on the education sector.

How technology is revolutionizing the education industry are as follows:

Internet and its influence on the Young Minds

Since its inception, the internet is influencing every sector that exists on earth. It is not just making progress or helping things to move ahead faster; it is penetrating the minds of humans. Gone are the days when the internet was just a public utility. Today, it is more personal. From personalized newsfeed to dining choices, the internet is becoming intelligent and making things easier for public life.

In the education sector too, the internet is getting into the nerves. Nowadays, students hardly sit with a giant dictionary book while looking for a word’s meaning, they “Google” it or type on the search bar of any popular search engines like Bing, Yahoo or Google. Those enormous books of Encyclopedia are getting extinct now. There is hardly anything on this planet that the internet cannot help us with. With the internet, life is easier, and knowledge is free. It appears that internet asks people, “If you are looking for something, the answer is here.”

Learning on the Couch

Old blackboards and chalks are rapidly vanishing with the emergence of the smart-classrooms. Students are adapting to the new technology-based education system where teachers are referring to learning videos instead of book chapters and asking students to learn from computer-based study modules with slideshows, mini video clips, and other online study modules. Slowly, it will vanish too, and there will be the rise of personalized educative techniques.

With the personalized approach of educative methods, teachers are organizing online lecture sessions and online doubt clearing sessions for students. These online educational programs are encouraging people to study from anywhere, anytime. Some people start working early due to economic pressures but desire to study further, and that is where technology comes into the scenario to help people study at their own time while leaning on the couch. On the other hand, there are places where schools are far from reach; their technology can make an outstanding impact with online schooling programs. Soon a day will come when schooling can be done at students’ own pace and their place.

Implementing Analytics for Better Learning

Technology is renovating software and the entire IT industry. There are well-updated and well-equipped schools which are implementing analytic software to observe and track students’ learning processes. With such software, teachers are keeping a note and monitoring each student’s learning process, style and progress.

With the influence of technology, educators and even parents might organize virtual study groups to help pupils learn and exchange knowledge with losing time for traveling. It is a well-accepted fact that discussion widens up the views and opens a new perspective towards everything. It is believed that these online study groups with the influence of analytics will help students to learn better as well as teachers to track students’ progress better.

Higher Learning from the High School level

Isn’t the entire education system transforming? Educational institutes, even high schools, and colleges are introducing high-tech courses like nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics to enhance students’ interest and knowledge about the subjects at a very early age. The institutes are introducing students to robots and robotics at much lower levels to expose them to the practical learning experience and get hands-on-experience while learning something. The education is redefining itself and technology is the fuel to that.

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