Rising Hotel Management Institutes, Catering to the growing Hospitality Needs of the World

Home is the sweetest place to live in. Home which is our “sweet home” cannot be carried along with us. Yet, we need a place to stay which we can call “Home – Away from Home”. Our urge for travelling, exploring and seeing the world is expanding daily and to fulfill those demands, the hospitality industry is blooming at its best. And, the best part of hotel is that though it gives us the comfort of home, it is something beyond homes.

A renowned Belgian Designer Diane von Furstenberg once said, “When you get into a hotel room, you lock the door, and you know there is secrecy, there is a luxury, there is fantasy. There is comfort. There is reassurance.”

The hoteliers are coming up with innovative hotel concepts with beachside standalone calm and cool cottage near the beach, tree houses, hanging tents on the hills and igloos on the freeze-icy land among many others. The hotel industry is rising, and there emerges the need for people who can manage them and help people get an exotic stay with a memorable experience. To cater these ever-growing demands of the industry, the hotel management institutes are coming up with modern and world-class courses to prepare students to be hoteliers at par with international standards. And, to bring in the limelight the most innovative institutes in this sector, we have come up with our exclusive edition on “The 10 Best Hotel Management Institutes in India, 2018”.

Himgiri Zee University: A Pioneering Hotel Management Institute in India

To become world class University and to harbinger vocationalisation of higher education through conventional as well as through other modes of learning in order to meet the future demands for trained manpower in the country

People often say that it is easy to be bad, it is difficult to be good, but it is even harder to be and remain as the best. With a mission to provide educational opportunities to all segments of society, without discrimination of any kind, and enable regular face-to-face education through the use of modern technologies, and to bring education to the doorsteps of all those who did not have access to higher education earlier or were denied such an access, emerged Himgiri Zee University.


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