The 10 Best International Schools in Oman 2018

Everyone at some point of their life might have heard the saying that there is no age limit to learn. Clearly, learning is the only thing that never fails anyone. The only stepping stone to wealth is a ‘good education’. The knowledge gained throughout education enables individuals to be confident, fierce, and face every challenge thrown at them. Being said, education is the tool that can be used to change the world.
With the shaping of the world, education took a new form; mastering the standards. Pupils, teachers and parents are more focused on gaining good grades, getting into world-class universities and other glorious achievements. A group of schools in Oman are zealously working to achieve this goal. World class education, endless opportunities, exciting career path, and above all developing humanitarian qualities are some of perks of the schools here. Officially known by the name, ‘the Sultanate of Oman’, the education and training in Oman has increased at a staggering pace.
In this issue, “The 10 Best International Schools in Oman 2018”, we have picked out few such institutions that are in the forefront. These schools not only offer an education at par with international standards but also nurture the students’ talents to their highest potential.

ABQ Group: Unlocking the Potential to Attain Educational Excellence

“Those who have achieved their dreams didn’t do it sitting in a comfort zone. They challenged the status quo.” – Sheikh Khalfan Al Esry, Omani scholar

With modernization taking the center stage at the global platform, education plays a key role in the overall development of the Sultanate of Oman. The significant growth reflects a progressive outlook of the society wherein quality education has evolved as a necessity rather than an option. As one of the most renowned and known private education provider, ABQ Group is determined to define new pathways to educate the young kids of Oman along with the kids of the international community thriving in Oman. This story unveils the three prestigious international schools…..

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