The 10 Best International Schools in Thailand 2018

Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. Tomorrow, they will be the ones who will be an integral part of the society’s decision and nation’s upliftment. So to make these future citizens more active, diverse, talented, and to expand the horizons of learning for them it is necessary to provide them education with global curriculum. The international schools are fulfilling such pragmatic needs and nurturing students with diverse knowledge. The numbers of international schools are rising in the world as more countries are now experiencing significant volume of immigration. These would help the young children to open their mind and to learn inter-cultural and international knowledge.

International schools provide skills and knowledge which is necessary to become an active part of this ever-expanding community of cultures and nations. International schools help to bring the world into the classroom while providing an environment for optimal learning.

Thus, The Knowledge Review comes up with a special edition on “The 10 Best International Schools in Thailand”, which brings forth some of the leading international schools which are innovatively transforming education worldwide. This issue highlights some of those schools which have made a name for themselves in the global arena for providing brilliant educational and infrastructural facilities in the field of education.

Thai-Chinese International School: A Trilingual School Cultivating and Strengthening the Cognitive Skills


The school aims to provide a strong educational program based on American curriculum standards and three essential languages: Chinese, Thai, and American English.

Thai-Chinese International School (TCIS) is a kindergarten to 12th grade International school, situated in Samudh Prakarn, Thailand. Taiwanese founded the school in 1995 with an aim to provide education based on American curriculum as well as offering classes in English with language classes in Thai, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. This school celebrates diversity in the campus; the students from over dozens of nations attend the school each day for an extraordinary beginning of the career It has separate buildings for high school, middle, and elementary schools with the facilities like, indoor pool, AstroTurf football pitch, indoor gyms,

Educator’s Insights