“Stimulating Creativity; a Novel Strategy By Schools”

“But out of limitations comes creativity”

A creative person sees things the way they are but they always think different and that is how new inventions, ideas arise. Unlike believed by many, creativity is not a single personal trait, on contrary, creativity is one such skill that includes set of traits such as intelligence, knowledge, intensive interest and many others.

Creativity is actually the product of one’s thinking and history has repetitively proven it to us that many of the things that were imagined are amongst now or being created. The international schools today believe in the holistic development of students and so encouraging creativity is one of their newest strategies. Valuing creative skills, intelligence and rewarding the students effort is one of methods through which the school boosts creativity thinking among students. When students are given a task, instead of teachers helping them to solve it theses students are encouraged to think and find a solution on their own. Unsurprisingly, students come up with various and each one has a different process. This effort of the students should be congratulated and rewarded. A creative mind is always curious to learn and find new things. Schools have realized that imagination and creativity are the fuels of the future and as both inspire students these should be a part of learning.

In this issue of titled as, “The 10 Best International Schools in Vietnam 2019”, we have handpicked few such innovative schools which are encouraging students to be creative and imaginative while nurturing them to their highest potential.

Schools: Navigating Dreams while Powered by Technology

In this digital era, World Wide Web has opened the learning to all with an aim to overcome the obstacles of traditional learning. Scholars as well as individuals seeking to build or re-build their knowledge or skills can now opt for various online courses. All of it might be perks of modern technologies.

This leaves us with a question that what happens when the technologies are embraced by the schools or the conventional educational platforms. Along with tailor-made curricula and word-class academics, these schools now have an advanced and immersive environment. High-tech labs with all the modern facilities, other advanced facilities and a highly advanced computer labs are some of the novel additions of these schools.