The Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK): An Embodiment of Knowledge and Spirituality
The Holy Spirit University of Kaslik

“Health is wealth”, a short yet famous proverb reflecting a deeper meaning that health is imperative to the balance and functioning of our bodies. It is also known that health affects emotions and the overall well-being of humanity.

The 21st century is witnessing a rapid advancement in medical sciences. With pollution levels, as one of many examples, rising at an alarming rate, societies around the world are encountering major environmental hazards with drastic consequences to health. To remain ahead of these adversities, new curricula have been adopted in medical schools around the world, a worldwide initiative to equip medical students with the latest contemporary knowledge and skills to face these pressing health challenges.

One such medical institution which has taken upon itself the responsibility of making the world a better place by taking care of the health of its community is the School of Medicine and Medical Sciences at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) in Lebanon.

 A University with a Rich History and a Modern Infrastructure

The Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) is a private Catholic higher education institution, founded in 1938 by the Lebanese Maronite Order (OLM), with the honor of being the first such institution which has come about thanks to a Lebanese initiative. From its beginnings, USEK’s mission has been to serve the community and regularly meet the needs of social, health, and economic development. Today, the University is proudly ranked among the first 5 universities in the country.

Located in Jounieh in the heart of Mount Lebanon, this multilingual institution (English, French and Arabic), is committed to preserving the Maronite cultural heritage that underpins a community in which the spiritual, civic and ethical values of respecting others and their beliefs prevail.

In addition to all it offers educationally, USEK is also known for its dynamic student life. It fosters student engagement on campus by helping to build an active social life through various means including international programs, events, cultural trips, and student gatherings.

USEK is undoubtedly an institution keen on ensuring continuous expansion through state-of the-art systems and technologies, and fully-equipped facilities.

Inspiring Students with Ambition

Ranking among the best universities in Lebanon year after year is the proof of a solid commitment of its faculty and staff to serve the community while upholding the values of the Catholic Church. The School of Medicine and Medical Sciences plays a prominent role in preparing current and future generations of well-trained physicians to become key contributors in improving the well-being of the Lebanese community.

The USEK School of Medicine and Medical Sciences also aims at providing education that focuses on patients in every aspect by imparting to the next generation of doctors the latest knowledge and know-how in the field of basic sciences, world-class medical skills, and high ethical standards to better serve the community.

The School upholds a set of key values including ethical practices and integrity among its students and faculty and promotes the pursuit of excellence. The School has been maturing under successive USEK presidents whose forwarding-thinking vision and unwavering support have led to a string of achievements, the latest being the TEPDAD international accreditation under the current president Reverend Father Dr. Talal Hachem.

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