This Year India Overtakes China in Sending Number of Students to UK.

Today, Immigration Statistics Report has been released, and according to the report, India overtook China and became the largest nationality for sending students to the United Kingdom. According to the report, there is a significant increase in study visas compared to pre-pandemic years.

By June 2022 end, 4,86,868 supported study visas had been granted; the visas had been granted for both the applicant and the dependents. If the statistics are compared with 2019, 71 per cent, i.e., 2,02,147 more candidates, have been applied this year.

This tremendous growth in the number of study visas that are granted, survey shows “recovery from lower numbers during the Covid-19 pandemic, but there is also a significant growth on the pre-pandemic period,” The reports stated.

And the number of study visas granted for the year 2022 has been the highest since the time series started in 2005.