Top 5 Companies offering to pay Employees their Tuition Fees

Companies are offering number benefits to their valuable employees these days. By offering them additional bonus, hosting their birthday parties or hosting games has become a common practice among many large scale industries. They believe, through these activities they will able to keep employees happy, satisfied and motivated so as to get maximum efforts out of them. Many of such companies are also trying to woo their employees by offering them to pay their tuition fees of colleges. No doubt what so-ever, Employees will be happy. They will be willing to provide their full loyalty to these companies.

Education these days has become heavier, whether it’s on your back-pack or on your wallet. Parents often want their children to have better education and are willing to pay more than they have. Students are also realizing the tough decisions parents have to face and burden they have to bear. In many of such cases, these benefits from the company are most welcomed by students who are the future employees of that company.

Let us discuss some of these generous companies whose employees are enjoying this benefit.

  1. Apple

An American multinational technology company which is a major provider of electronic devices. The electronic industry giant never shy’s away from providing its employees the best benefits. The company offers up-to $5,000 to its employees as reimbursement in the form of college tuition fees.

  1. AT&T

A multi-billion dollar telecommunication giant is favorite among many its employees. The company offers up to $5,250 for its full time employees. The company offers up to $20000 for graduate and undergraduate programs.

3. Oracle

Oracle is a California based computer technology group and a multinational company. Oracle offers up to $5,250 per year to its employees. Oracle insists course, strictly has to be related to the work and also need top level management approval before giving the benefits to its employees.

 2. Intel

Intel offers full reimbursement of tuition fees to its employees. Intel itself also has training facilities to provide to its employees, which offers more than thousand courses.


UPS offers full reimbursement of tuition fees to both part and full time employees. The company has invested more than hundred million dollars on its employees over the years. The employees can apply for reimbursement of tuition fees from date of hire.

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