Top 5 Data Science Career options in India
Data Science Career

Data science professionals are in high demand all across the world. These job prospects will continue to grow after 2021, with over 1.5 lakh new positions being added. This is a natural response to data’s importance as a resource for businesses in the digital age. The top 5 data science career options in India are mentioned below.

INSOFE has a number of highly-rated data science courses that will teach you how to visualise and respond to fresh data as well as develop new technologies. University Insofe has a course for you whether you’re interested in machine learning, data science, or data analysis. The top 5 data science career options in India are mentioned below.

Data analysts 

Data analysts are in charge of transforming and manipulating massive data sets. They also help higher-level executives deduce information from their data. Analysts must be well in A/B testing and web analytics tracking. It’s always been one of India’s greatest data science professions; you can now take up the course at  University Insofe and build your career as a Data Analyst.

Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree (with a focus on science, math, or statistics) is required for entry-level positions in this field. You should be able to demonstrate mathematical proficiency as well as logical reasoning. Hiring managers usually give an advantage to programmers—those who know SQL, Python, Oracle, and other programming languages.

Data Scientists 

It’s a more technical role than that of a data analyst. Data scientists can help firms take strategic steps by doing data preparation chores (cleaning, sorting, and so on). They work with massive datasets to identify relevant patterns and trends.

Qualifications: A master’s degree or higher qualifications such as a PhD are preferred requirements for the position of a data scientist. Apart from a solid education in IT, CS, math, and other related subjects, data scientist careers require hands-on experience

Machine learning engineer 

You’ll be in charge of designing data funnels and delivering software solutions as a machine learning engineer. In addition, executing tests and experiments to monitor the system’s functioning and performance would be part of your job.

Qualifications: ML engineers are expected to have good statistical and programming skills, among other things. For these positions, software engineers with adequate machine learning skills are preferred. With our courses at University Insofe, you may brush up on theoretical concepts while also gaining practical experience by working on projects.

Data architect 

A data architect is one of the highest-paying data science occupations in the world since it designs new database systems and uses performance and design analytics to improve the company’s interconnected data ecosystem. The ultimate goal is to make the data easily available to data scientists. It’s always been one of India’s greatest data science professions and managing the money. Kick-start your journey with University Insofe.

Qualifications: You’ll require a computer engineering degree as well as a good understanding of applied mathematics and statistical principles. You should also have completed training in data management, programming, big data development, systems analysis, and technology architecture, at the very least.

Machine learning Scientist 

As a machine learning scientist, your job includes investigating novel methodologies such as algorithms, supervised and unsupervised learning techniques, and so on. These individuals are hired in jobs such as Research Scientist or Research Engineer by organisations.

Qualifications: The preferred profile for this position is an individual with an engineering degree, suitable postgraduate courses, and considerable proven research experience.

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