Udine International School‒ A Place to Develop International Mindedness and Compassionate Local, National and Global Citizens
Udine International School

The School’s Philosophy

The Udine International School (UIS) is committed to developing high educational standards, fostering character development and nurturing an international approach. The school is driven to develop in students their capacity for individual growth, with the ability to apply knowledge and adapt skills in this rapidly changing world.

UIS believes that high-quality learning:

  • Is engaging, relevant, and stimulates an inquisitive mind;
  • Is differentiated for diverse capabilities;
  • Encourages reflection and self-assessment and happens when students embrace challenges and mistakes in a safe environment in order to grow and learn;
  • Allows for creative expression and creative problem-solving, while encouraging the development of student’s voice;
  • Aims to develop critical and independent thinkers;
  • Encourages students to use initiative and use a variety of resources to actively enhance their learning;
  • Promotes global awareness, environmental consciousness, and ethical values.

The School

UIS is located in Udine, a beautiful city of rich historical and cultural importance and growing internationalism. The school is situated in the quiet greenery of the Istituto ‘Monsignor F. Tomadini’, a campus ideally located on the outskirts of the city with convenient and easy access by car or public transportation.

The professional and dedicated faculty bring to UIS an outstanding level of pedagogy from a broad range of diverse educational systems where they have completed their training and gained their prior experience.

The school is divided into three sections: Early Childhood for students aged 2-5; Elementary School for students aged 6-10; and Middle School for students aged 11-13. It sets high expectations for its diverse students in both academic and personal development, encouraging and supporting them to become global citizens of high integrity. UIS has developed a strong home-school partnership, the success of which is centred on a real understanding of its mission and vision and of what is genuinely international education.


The school offers excellent educational facilities. The Elementary and Middle School section is in the main building of the compound and comprises of three floors. It has a cafeteria as well as various other specially equipped classrooms: the computer lab (with Wi-Fi throughout the school), the art room, and the library with a rich selection of reading and reference books and DVDs in English, Italian, French, and German. There are projectors in every classroom to enhance learning.

The Early Childhood Centre, which is housed in a recently constructed building, is designed to provide the ideal environment for a child’s academic and personal development. The centre has bright and colourful classrooms containing the latest educational and playtime equipment, the cafeteria, and a large common area where children can take part in activities outside their primary classroom such as theatre and shows. It is surrounded by a spacious and secure garden/playground area.

The school is equipped with a modern kitchen where a hot and nutritious lunch is prepared daily. Sports facilities include a playground, astroturf football field, volleyball court and basketball court. The school also has access to the Istituto Tomadini facilities, which include a large indoor gymnasium with numerous sports facilities, an Olympic sized heated indoor swimming pool and a large soccer field immersed in the quiet greenery of the compound.

The auditorium, which is located in the main building, is used by students for theatre, school shows, visiting speakers, or for important ceremonies.

A Dedicated Educator

An important personality behind the success of the school is the Principal, Mrs Sarah-Jane Green. Hailing from Bristol in England, she has been working internationally for nearly twenty years. She graduated from Exeter University in the UK with a Bachelor of Arts in Education (Honours) and has a Master of Arts in Education from the Open University.

Mrs Green has worked in a range of settings and with various curricula, and with children across different age ranges. She feels fortunate to be able to work with such a group of experienced and caring teachers at the Udine International School. She believes that children have the potential to do amazing things if they are properly nurtured and inspired. She loves to see children having the opportunity to shine, whether it is through the arts, on the sports field, or in the classroom.

Accreditation and Affiliations

UIS is accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS), a global non-profit membership organization working collaboratively to shape international education. This recognition signifies that the school has completed a comprehensive self-study and international peer review as part of a continuous improvement process focusing on standards and indicators that promote the development of student knowledge, skills, attributes, and actions aligned with the CIS’s definition of global citizenship.

Since 2017, UIS has been a part of International Education Systems (IES). It is one of the few international organizations in the world to offer a structured program of studies from early childhood education (pre-school) through to university level studies. The relevant national education authorities officially recognize IES schools and all qualifications offered have both national and international recognition.

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