United States to miss the July 4th Vaccine Goal; Fauci calls ‘Delta’ variant the country’s “greatest threat”

The extremely contagious delta version of the coronavirus, according to Anthony S. Fauci, the government’s top infectious-disease specialist, is the “biggest danger” to the nation’s attempts to eradicate covid-19, the disease caused by the virus.

Delta’, which was first detected in India, is “unquestionably” more transmissible/infectious than other coronavirus variants, said Fauci in a White House Press conference, stating that it is associated with “Increased disease severity, as reflected by hospitalization risk,” he said.

The US has fully immunised 150 million individuals against the coronavirus, making a huge victory in the pandemic’s fight. However, President Biden’s aim of putting at least one shot into the hands of 70 percent of American adults by the Fourth of July is anticipated to be missed, and ne versions are spreading quickly.

After admitting that the country won’t reach its July 4 vaccination goal, the White House has declared a new objective: ensuring that 70 percent of Americans age 27 and up receive minimum one dose of vaccine by the end of the holiday weekend.

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