Uttarakhand to Begin Medical Education in Hindi from 2023

According to Health Minister Dhan Singh Rawat, Uttarakhand to be inspired from Madhya Pradesh to begin medical education in Hindi. The state intends to begin the Hindi curriculum, which will run concurrently with the English curriculum, in all disciplines beginning with the next academic session.

“The real aim of new National Education Policy 2020 is to promote Hindi and regional languages. Uttarakhand is a State where 70% students have their education, till intermediate, in Hindi. Having books for professional education like MBBS and engineering in Hindi will help these students,” said Health Minister Dhan Singh Rawat.

Currently, Uttarakhand has four government medical institutions located in Dehradun, Srinagar, Haldwani, and Almora. The state has 525 MBBS seats, with 85% reserved for students from Uttarakhand and 15% designated for students from other states.

With 150 seats each, three private medical colleges in the state have 50% seats set aside for students from the state and 50% for students from all over India.

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