Uzbekistan’s Preschool Education goes Mobile

You can see dozens of School Buses travelling into remotest villages of Uzbekistan, carrying teachers who after reaching there, provides education to pre-school children of those villages. One such teacher of Uzbekistan’s mobile preschool, Zilola Masharipova, who teaches in a remote village called Dashyok, talks about the country’s innovative program and its impact on Uzbek society.

According to her these revolutionary mobile preschools facilitates children irrespective of their social status and demographics, an access to pre-school education of high quality. Those living in the remotest villages and distant rural areas now have the similar opportunities as their preschool enrolled urban city dwelling counterparts, she further adds.

The teaching and education are children-centered. It is the child who chooses her/his own way of learning telling the teachers their favorite topic of the day.

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