What is it like to have a personal mentor at UPSC Pathshala?
UPSC Pathshala

Imagine having to travel through an unknown forest path, without a compass. Difficult, isn’t it? Same goes for preparing for UPSC without a personal mentor. While you wade through the ginormous syllabi of the UPSC exam, it is natural to feel a little lost but don’t let that overpower your will to carry on. Invest in a personal mentor who will guide you in a way that is effective for you alone. Read on to find more!

What does UPSC Pathshala offer?

When you are preparing for the Civil Services exam, you are bound to feel that it is a long journey. Therefore it is very important that you have an experienced mentor who can guide you at every step of the preparation.

1.  UPSC Pathshala offers you a dedicated mentor who makes your study plan, solves your doubts, discusses current affairs, evaluates your answers and keeps you focused on your path.

2.  You get the best quality video lectures delivered by top most faculty members of India, covering the entire syllabus of GS and CSAT along with the most detailed coverage of Current Affairs for both Prelims and Mains. There are also various questions after each video to check your understanding. You can also find tests after each module to check your progress.

3.  You can keep a track of your preparation with multi-layered tests, both subjective and objective. You can get questions based on each video to test your understanding of that particular topic and module tests at the end of each module to test clarity of thought and full test series of GS and Current Affairs to give you a feel of the UPSC Exam, many times before you sit for the actual exam.

What can you expect from a standard UPSC Pathshala preparation class?

Unlike offline classes with one-to-many lecture systems, UPSC Pathshala is very much personal in its approach. Here’s what you will get:

1. Your sessions will be conducted through video chats and every session is one-to-one.

2. Topics are covered module-wise keeping in mind the static content (conceptual understanding) and dynamic content (Current Affairs).

3. UPSC Pathshala believes that constant assessment is the key to success in UPSC. Keeping this in mind they provide threefold assessment of your preparation:

● Questions after every video to help check your understanding of the concept taught.
● Module-wise tests at regular intervals to help track your progress.
● Full length test for both Prelims and Mains to help you get the feel of UPSC.

4. You will be assigned a mentor, who will be the friend, philosopher and guide. He will guide you towards the best possible preparation for the UPSC exam, will solve your doubts and make your preparation better and coherent.

Who will be your mentors?

Our mentors are chosen after a rigorous screening process. They are either Ex- civil servants or people who have reached a certain stage in UPSC (At least interview stage). Most of them are alumni of top Universities like IITs, IIMs and from various backgrounds like Engineering, Medicine, Humanities, etc. The mentors are trained extensively in terms of course content and guidance of students. This helps them guide the students well. We also monitor the mentor’s performance in various parameters.

UPSC Pathshala standard course content:
1. General Studies (GS)

400+ hours of high quality video content covering all the topics of GS-1, GS-2, GS-3 and GS-4 for both prelims and mains exam.

2. Current Affairs

You will get 300+ hours of most relevant & custom made videos, covering all the important current affairs of the entire year in the context of the UPSC exam so that there is no need of wasting time in memorising newspapers and magazines.


You will get 100+ hours of content with a number of practice tests to ensure your complete dominance of the CSAT section in Prelims.

4. Course content

There are 700+ hours of video lectures for GS, current affairs and CSAT.
5. Weekly webinar on Current Affairs
6. Live Classes on most important topics.
7. Personal mentorship to develop the fundamental skills.
8. Detailed day by day study plan based on your pace and schedule.
9. 2 discussion sessions of 30 minutes each every week with the mentor.
10. There are also Weekly Practice Tests and everything is available digitally (on website, pendrive and mobile app.)

In a Nutshell:

UPSC Pathshala provides complete guidance on UPSC preparation. Personal mentorship is the most effective way to prepare and therefore gets you ready for the big day in a perfect way.

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