Bangalore Group of Institutions: The Quirky Playground for Inquisitive Minds
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Students in India are increasingly understanding the importance of pursuing education from

renowned colleges and institutions. They realize that studying in these colleges would give them the opportunity to learn more, enhance their skills, improve their knowledge about the subject matter, and eventually help them to bag their dream job. Accordingly, they are always on the hunt for the most coveted colleges, which provide them with the opportunity to explore their potential, learn more, upskill themselves, and to prepare themselves for a bright future.

This is where elite colleges such as Bangalore Group of Institutions (BGI) step in. The college is taking steady steps every day to ensure that each student gets equal opportunity in learning and succeeding in their academic and career-oriented endeavours. It is driven to deliver excellent courses and facilities to catalyse professional education.

The onboard faculty members personify world-class education. They nurture the students thoroughly so that they excel both inside and inside the classroom while evolving into skilled individuals. The faculty believes in fostering innovation and building leaders of tomorrow.

Although BGI is catapulting slowly and steadily over the years, it has been adding numerous professional courses to the domain of higher education. This gives aspiring students an opportunity to refine their skills and become better versions of themselves.

The college also offers the finest infrastructure that fulfills the gen-z students’ requirements. The management is always committed to providing quality teaching facilities. It always boosts the morale of every student so that they can realize their potential and improve their performance. The college strives day in and day out to achieve excellence in educational endeavours.

How the Journey Began

Bangalore Group of Institutions began its journey owing to the focus, dedication, and concerted efforts of renowned visionaries Mr. Majesh Mohan and Mr. Prabhakara Reddy, who established the trust in 2008. The trust focused all its efforts on the educational scenario and established numerous educational institutions to offer quality education in Engineering, Pharmacy, Management, and Nursing.

Soon after its establishment, BGI established several other educational institutions. It also started offering courses in different fields such as Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, and so on. With time, the group kept growing, and now it has more than 1600 students pursuing various courses on the Bangalore campus. The college has produced successful alumnus, who are working in reputed organizations and are making a mark in different industries and excelling in their respective careers. This speaks at length about the dedicated endeavours of the group towards the society, in the past and it will continue its good work in the times to come.

Leadership worth Applauding

Bangalore Group of Institutions has made stupendous achievements under the instrumental leadership of Mr. Majesh Mohan, the Chairman. An industrialist, an educationalist, and a visionary, BGI is Mr. Mohan’s brainchild. His hard work and dedication led him towards serving as the director of Bangalore International Trading and Consultancy FEZ; Bangalore International Management FEZ, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE; Managing Director of Emilio Institute of Medical Sciences LTD; Managing Director of Jelitta Educare and HR Consultancy Pvt Ltd; and Trustee of Global Educational and Charitable Society.

Working along with the other members of the trust, Mr. Mohan engages himself in rural development and charitable educational programs. He is also the Managing Director of Eduvy Technology Pvt Ltd, a technology support mobile app helping students and parents to take admission online for any course anywhere in India.

A proud recipient of the Best Business Excellence award from Ras Al Khaimah, Govt 2017, Mr. Majesh Mohan carries his excellence in the field of technical, academics, motivating every student on the BGI campuses, in turn guiding them towards a successful career and life.

Excellence in Education, Extra-Curricular, and Infrastructure

BGI employs well-trained, experienced, and equipped faculty members who constantly push the frontiers of knowledge and ensure a futuristic educational approach. They keep the students educated about the world outside, no matter how tough the crises are. These faculty members work together and ensure the development, improvisation, and smooth delivery of classroom sessions. While playing the role of mentors, these faculty members take care of students’ professional and personal development. They focus on the students’ character development and ensure that they are disciplined and well-behaved. BGI carries out every endeavour to bring the best out of both the students and the teachers.

The campus of BGI is strategically built in Sarjapur Road area of Bengaluru. The area is renowned as an IT corridor with a 17-acre green campus designed to inspire the students to aim high and achieve tremendous success. The college ensures that every new-age facility and amenity is readily available for the students. Courses are delivered creatively, efficiently, and smoothly with the latest tools and technologies.

The campus has strict regulations against ragging and smoking with a strong commitment towards ensuring holistic development of the students. BGI promotes a strong sense of true student-centred brilliance. The campus welcomes students from different cultural and religious backgrounds.

BGI equally emphasizes activities beyond the classroom. It encourages students to participate in various sports and extra-curricular events. Different sports equipment and extra-curricular setup help light the spark within sports enthusiasts. The college also conducts cultural events regularly which helps the students to evolve into vocal and well-spoken individuals, who have a balanced intellectual and creative reach.

BGI offers elaborate and career-centric programs, which help in the attitude, knowledge, and skill development of the students. It also follows a completely competency-based curriculum that pays equal attention to practical and theoretical skills and pushes every student to give their best.

BGI offers its students challenging opportunities no matter if they are from any field ranging from Bachelor of Engineering program across major fields such as Mechanical, Electronics

& Communication, Computer Science, Civil, Artificial Intelligence, and so on. This guides the students to perform better, build a promising career in the field of their choice and gain suitable positions globally.

Taking Pharma Learning to Tremendous Heights

Bangalore College of Pharmacy is an important entity that operates under the umbrella of BGI. It offers the students with two programs, namely – D. Pharm (a 2-year diploma program) and B. Pharm (a 4-year pharmacy degree). The college strongly acknowledges that there are excellent opportunities for pharma professionals in renowned drug companies, research facilities, hospitals, and so on.

The college has an on-campus department of training and placements which provides in-depth training to the students. It has also developed impressive relations with top corporates such as IFFCO TOKIO, KRIBCHO, GENEVA INDUSTRIES LTD, DECCAN HYDRAULICS, and many more. This opens equal opportunities for every student to find their true calling, right on track with their dream careers.

Towards an Exciting Future

The management at BGI states that, unlike other institutions, transitioning from face-to-face to online teaching learning procedures was not challenging. For the college, it was more of a surprise. BGI is learning from these times and is giving its very best to create a sense of social presence.

The college aims at creating fulfilling learning experiences for the students and the teachers. It also intends to achieve a structured system of acquiring cognitive knowledge.

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