Bennett University and i-Hub Anubhuti, IIITD Foundation Collaborate to Drive Innovation and Research in Cognitive Computing and Smart Healthcare
Bennett University

Greater Noida, 25th August 2023 — Bennett University, a pioneering institution committed to academic excellence, has taken a significant stride towards fostering innovation, skill development, and research by entering into a collaborative memorandum of understanding (MoU) with i-Hub Anubhuti, IIITD Foundation. The MoU, signed today, marks the initiation of a strategic partnership aimed at advancing research in data-driven cognitive computing solutions, with a primary focus on sectors such as Health, Law and Security, Education, and Environmental Sustainability.

Under the framework of this partnership, Bennett University and i-Hub Anubhuti, IIITD Foundation will join forces to develop ground-breaking solutions, leveraging the convergence of industries, academia, and government agencies. The collaboration will catalyse research initiatives and innovation in various domains, propelling advancements in smart healthcare, cognitive systems, and data-driven technologies.

At the forefront of this partnership is the establishment of a joint lab dedicated to Smart Healthcare research, focusing on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment aspects of the healthcare sector. This endeavour is poised to facilitate both public medical research and commercialization efforts. Additionally, a Center of Excellence devoted to AI-driven cognitive systems in healthcare will be set up, fostering an extensive network with labs, hospitals, and healthcare centers both in India and abroad.

The collaboration also aims to incubate and promote healthcare startups through a Startup Hub, nurturing novel ideas and technologies. Joint academic and training programs, fellowships, and exchange visits will facilitate cross-learning and the exchange of knowledge and technology between the two entities. Structured workshops, mentoring programs, and academia-industry interactions will further contribute to capacity building and skill enhancement.

The MoU signing ceremony was attended by Dr. Prabhu Aggarwal, Vice-Chancellor of Bennett University; Prof. Ajith Abraham, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Bennett University, Mr. Sanjay Kataria, Professor & Librarian of Bennett University; Mr. Saurabh Kr. Chaubey, CEO of i-Hub Anubhuti, IIITD Foundation; Mr. Nirmal Bengani, Head of Business Development and Partnership; and Ms. Shivanshi Puri, Development Manager.

In his statement, Dr. Sanjay Kataria, Professor & Librarian of Bennett University, expressed, “This collaboration paves the way for ground-breaking research in cognitive computing and social sensing. The establishment of a ‘Center of Excellence’ for smart healthcare will facilitate collaboration with universities worldwide to address challenges within the healthcare sector.”

Mr. Saurabh Kr. Chaubey, CEO of i-Hub Anubhuti, IIITD Foundation, remarked, “We eagerly anticipate synergizing with Bennett University, a leader in academic excellence, to create a platform that brings together research, industry, and startups.”

This collaborative effort between Bennett University and i-Hub Anubhuti, IIITD Foundation envisions a brighter future by dedicating a designated space on campus for research, data collection, workshops, and certificate courses. The Center of Excellence will empower students to explore cutting-edge labs equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software, fostering their growth in various fields.

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