Indian Animation Imprinting Marks on the Global Scene

With the second largest population, the Indian Animation is poised to grow at huge lengths. Observing with keen eyes, one can state, our nation possesses the strength to surpass every other country in terms of content creation. The opinion of content producers and the audience has evolved over the last decade now. Filmmakers are looking forward to delivering unique content and the audience is looking forward to seeing it further. This combined requirement from both sides has resulted in the production of tremendous animated content within the last five years.
Recognizing this imminent success, we have come up with this month’s issue “The 10 Most Prominent Animation Companies to Watch in 2018”, which features the studios, which are taking the Indian Animation and VFX to remarkable heights and are ready to take the game to the international level. With such growth, the Indian animation is paving its success path and is ready to imprint its mark on the global animation scene.

Digitoonz: Animating a new Perspective of Perfect Pictures

Digitoonz is an accomplished animation studio in Noida (Delhi NCR) which provides animation services and develops its own Intellectual Property (IP) for the kid’s content. The studio is a full-service animation production company specializing in the areas of producing TV series and feature films in 2D and CGI. The studio has worked on numerous TV series and feature films comprising children, entertainment, and edutainment and has been broadcasting it across the globe.

The studio leverages technology and process-enabled global delivery model, which assists it in building and sustaining a healthy relationship with its client. Adhering to the rule “Be honest from the Get-go” with regard to the clients is its biggest priority. By following this preference, …….