Is It Necessary to Turn Off the Water Before Going on Vacation?

It would help if you did not forget to turn off the water supply while on vacation. Otherwise, it can lead to potential plumbing problems, such as leakage, flood, and damage to the house’s floor. When you return, you will get a high repair and pending water bills. So, let’s learn why it is essential to turn off the water supply before you leave your home for the vacation.

Why should you turn off the water?

You should turn off the water before leaving for a vacation to prevent potential water damage. Even a tiny leak can induce massive structural damage beyond repair. A burst pipe can lead to mold growth, and unforeseen home water pipe issues can also occur. So, before the situation goes beyond professional leak detection NYC, you should turn off the main water supply.

If the water keeps running while you are not home, it contributes to unnecessary water waste. Also, your property is at risk of destruction or structural instability. Shut out the water supply to protect your home, conserve water resources, and avoid further plumbing issues. If the pipes receive continuous water pressure, they become frayed and develop cracks, and you might have to spend a lot on plumbing services.

How should you turn off the water supply?

Shut the main water valves, which are usually near the water meter. You can also locate them in the basement, crawl space, or utility area. Identify the lever or wheel, turn it clockwise, and the water supply will halt for the entire house. You must completely shut down the water supply as even decreased water will likely develop into more significant piping issues.

After you have shut down the water supply, drain any remaining water from the pipe. You have to open the faucets at your home’s lower and highest ends to resume this drainage. It would prevent the risk of frozen water during winter or unnecessary bill pressure build-up. Eventually, this minor problem can lead to a burst in the plumbing system, so to safeguard your house, you have to turn off the water.

What are the hazards of not turning off water? 

If the water supply keeps running when you are on vacation, then here are the risks:

It accelerates the chances of plumbing issues, including leakage and pipes bursting.

If water dripping continues for a long time, it can cause property damage that requires costly repair.

Water damage would eventually affect the home’s structural stability, requiring extensive restoration.

Molds or other relatable issues can develop due to water leakage or cracks in the pipe.

Due to the continuous water supply, the appliance can develop technical glitches beyond repair.

While you are on vacation, continued water supply results in elevated water consumption, leading to higher utility bills.

Summing it up:

When you are leaving for vacation, always take care of leakage beforehand. Examine the plumbing system, and call a reliable plumber to fix it if necessary. Address every issue before leaving, as eventually, it will become a nightmare. Inform the neighbors about your plan so that if they notice any emergency, they can inform you to ensure the safety of your home. To ensure more efficiency of your plumbing system, you can check with

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