The 10 Best Institutes for Finance Studies in India, 2018

Business runs on finance and the efficient financial management is vital for the success of any business. To start a business, capital investment is required, moreover, for day-to-day business functions, scaling up; new product development, employ staff, and smooth running of the business finance always play an inevitable role. Nowadays, it is highly crucial to learn about personal finance for effective financial planning and wealth building. Many life goals such as buying a home, saving for children’s education, buying a car, retirement and so can be successfully achieved with proper money management.

The formal education in finance can help to understand and acquire skills in financial planning, management and forecasting. Moreover, a finance degree teaches students to analyze financial market, value of money, return on investments and so on. Those who have graduated in finance will have a lucrative career in banking, financial planning, investment planning, money managing, insurance, and many more.

Thus, The Knowledge Review comes up with a special edition on “The 10 Best Institutes for Finance Studies in India, 2018,”which highlights some of the best institutes in India which have set a benchmark in the field of finance studies. This issue enlightens on some of those institutes that have made a name for themselves in the global arena for providing excellent educational and infrastructural facilities in the field of finance, management, education, research, and training.

IIM Rohtak: A Top-Notch Management Institute that Molds Students into Global Corporate Leaders


The institute aims to develop corporate and non-corporate leader managers with a sense of excellence, strong social commitment and a passion for a value system

Management studies are the most popular choices among the students and are often considered as a golden ticket to the world of professional success in India. Post-Graduation from a prestigious business school such as Indian Institute of Management (IIM)-Rohtak ensures a desirable job which offers excellent career enhancement opportunities. Founded in 2009, this institute is the 8th IIM of India and the only IIM in the National Capital Region. The institute carries modern, career-focused and international perspective to management education.

The institute offers a perfect learning

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