“The 10 Most Valuable Pre-Schools in Thailand 2019”

Thailand is often known as a “land of smiles” – a welcoming tourism paradise known for its, hospitality, historical sites, tropical beaches, and world-famous cuisine. Over the past decades, the Southeast Asian country has become one of the world’s top tourism destinations. Thailand is also one of the desired study destinations in Southeast Asia after Malaysia and Singapore and attracts a far larger number of international degree students than Indonesia or Vietnam. The place is amazing and it is one of the desired study destinations because of “the friendliness of the people, fundamental infrastructure, affordability, beauty of the environment, and safety”. These factors likely also play a role in making Thailand a popular study destination among U.S. students, who favor Thailand above all other countries in Southeast Asia. Hence, the expatriates and immigrants are definitely vital cogs in Thailand development, and so is their education and educational needs per se.
International Schools have established themselves as one-stop-solution for meeting global standards of education across the world. In this issue of “The 10 Most Valuable Pre-Schools in Thailand 2019”, we have highlighted the institutions of the region having impeccable educational standards, and their relentless contributions towards nurturing next generations of Thailand.

Harrow International School Bangkok: Blending High Academic Standards, Traditions and Service to the Community with Innovative Educational Methods

“All of our students will contribute as leaders to a better world, realise their academic potential and succeed at the university of their choice”

Many parents consider kindergarten as a critical period for laying the foundations for learning. It is the official start of a child’s education but the years preceding this milestone are an extremely important time for learning. Preschool is in fact the time when most learning takes place and is considered by many schools not just a good idea but crucial for a child’s overall success. Harrow International School Bangkok is one of them and they concentrate on fostering the emotional, physical, social, intellectual and creative development of the students.
The school is located on a spacious and green 35 acre campus beside…….

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