The 20 Most Valuable Online Colleges in America 2019

The simple virtue of being convenient than the face-face education is one of the reasons why online education has become popular. Any student who opts for this mode of education can do their existing responsibilities and commitments while studying. Online education as simplified the process of education in such a manner that the students no longer have to travel anywhere to study logging in into the virtual campus from where they sit will do the job. Another reason why this is a growing trend is because these courses can be assessed at a cheaper budget. Apart from convenience and cost –effectiveness, the number of students turning into online education has increased as they have become a better way to learn.
When higher education is mentioned, taking online courses in U.S never comes to mind. However, U.S is the forerunner in terms of online studies popularity. A recent statistics of online education has increased over 5% between 2015 and 2016. Though reduced cost is a factor, the main reason why online education in America is highly popular is because of the flexibility the college offers to its students. The students enrolling into these colleges can choose any time they prefer to learn. Also, these colleges have a wide variety of courses to offer. The increased popularity of this mode has urged the colleges to offer mostly all the courses online too. Keeping itself updated with the industry trends and inventions, these colleges foster its students to be industry professionals with new found skills.
In this issue titled as, ‘The 20 Most Valuable Online Colleges in America 2019’, we have selected few colleges in U.S that are offering online education that are flexible and industry oriented.

Eastern Mexico University: Igniting the Lamp of Education

Long before the Spanish conquistadors arrived, generations of some of the earliest New World inhabitants hunted and camped at Blackwater Draw in eastern New Mexico. In 1912, the New Mexico constitution authorized an institution of higher education on the east side of the state. Today, situated on the high plains of the Llano Estacado in a region noted for dairy, farming and ranching, and the production of Valencia peanuts, Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU) holds true to that promise and to the values and needs of its community in Portales, the county seat of Roosevelt County.
A Learning Journey – Nurturing Creativity and Innovation
As New Mexico’s largest regional comprehensive university, Eastern New Mexico University enjoys…