Exploring the Chief Business Schools in India

Innovation and modernization have become an essential part of our daily lives. Modern technologies are increasingly making their way into almost all our day-to-day activities, be it business, education, or healthcare. In this extremely contentious world, staying at the top of the mountain and making their own mark is of prime concern for every person. As a result, individuals are bringing their ‘A-game’ into play. The same can be said about the business sector where we can witness innovations popping-up each passing day. The leading business schools of India are educating the students, training them, and preparing them to struggle and thrive among their peers.

With state-of-the-art technology, research-oriented curriculum, and practical courses based on the current business scenario, these schools are providing the students exceptional educational facilities. They aim at boosting the students’ confidence and developing future corporate leaders.

Thus, The Knowledge Review comes up with a special issue of “India’s 10 Best Business School, 2018”, which brings forth some of the elite institutes which are innovatively transforming business management education in India. This issue highlights some of those institutes which have made a name for themselves in the global arena for providing brilliant educational and infrastructural facilities in the field of business management, education, research, and training.

AMET Business School: Cultivating Future Leaders of Maritime and Logistics Sector


The Business School aims to serve as an effective source of managerial talent for the sustained development of Maritime Trade, Commerce and Industry not only in India but across the globe

The Indian shipping and logistics industry plays a crucial role in Indian economy. These are the sunshine sectors and are going through a phase of transformation. The rising investment, infrastructure developments, changing regulatory policies and other developments have driven these industries. The Indian shipping and logistics industry needs more skilled and efficient human resource in near future. To meet these requirements, AMET University established AMET Business School the unique sector-specific first of its kind in Asia, the MBA and BBA Programmes in Shipping & Logistics Management

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