Economics Institutes – Creating Leaders of Tomorrow

Economics is a tricky subject to deal with considering the on-going momentum of transformations that the world has experienced. There are a number of key factors like growing awareness, easier access, and changing scenarios which assists in boosting the acceleration of the economy. The Indian Government has meticulously worked by bringing excellent initiatives to boost the urban and rural sector of the country. The upliftment of the economy has taken place due to the equal contribution of the urban and rural regions.

To spread the word-Economic Leaders– loud and clear, the various mediums of schools, colleges and institutes play a vital role in building the upcoming leaders. There are different aspects when dealing with economy. Education of economics is one of them. By educating the students to develop and empower an economy, which is liberal and reliable will create a better and advanced tomorrow. Nurturing the communities by providing a well-defined future and juggling between the conventional and new-age economic norms is the need of the hour.

The economic institutes are coming forward with distinctive approach and instilling enhanced moralities to the education world. These economic institutes are leveraging knowledge with an aim to create leaders of tomorrow.

To highlight such institutes which have come up with the innovative educative methods and solutions to build extraordinary careers, we are introducing our special edition on “The 10 Best Institutes for Economics Studies in India, 2018”.

Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics: Education that Matches Life and Expedites Vocation

The institute strives to undertake research and provides education in all the fields of economics with the singular purpose of contributing its mite to enhance economic betterment and social welfare in the country

With a vision to conduct research, education, and extension on the foremost social and economic problems at national and international levels, Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics (GIPE) is a pioneering research and training institute in all the branches of the Economics. The university is located in Pune and was established in the year 1930 by the Servants of India Society. The primary objective of the institute is to conduct research in the socio-economic dimensions of Indian society, and impart training to researchers in this domain.


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