“The 10 Best Vocational Education and Training Institutes in India 2018”

Vocational education in India is gradually evolving with time. It is embracing innovative technologies and interactive procedures. Many institutes are offering vocational education and training on part-time and full-time basis, with a professional and career-oriented approach.

The primary motive of these institutes is to hone the skills of individuals and prepare them for a specialized career. They provide the advantage of traditional educational and vocational skills and give a realistic insight of the industry. These institutes are delivering practical knowledge to the students and creating awareness among them about the ongoing trends in the global market. Also, the programs offered by them have short time span, are less expensive, and act as a bridge connecting skilled manpower with the industry.

The Knowledge Review introduces a special issue of “The 10 Best Vocational Education and Training Institutes in India 2018”, which highlights some of the best institutes in India offering quality vocational education with dedication and innovation. This issue highlights some of those institutes which have set a global standard in the field of vocational education, research, and training.

Whistling Woods International– Transforming Students into Employable and Industry-Ready Professionals


The institute aims to benchmark quality, inspire innovation, encourage creativity, and mold minds, by leading from the front.

Whistling Woods International (WWI) is Asia’s premier Film, Communication & Creative Arts institute located in Mumbai, India. Despite being home to the world’s largest film industry, India was in need of better-equipped film institutes until a few years ago. Realising this need, veteran filmmaker Subhash Ghai launched Whistling Woods International, located on 5.5 acres within Mumbai’s Filmcity complex. WWI’s advisory board includes acclaimed Director Shyam Benegal, Executive Chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra, Head of International Outreach for Dreamworks Animation-Shelley Page, Director-Shekhar Kapur,

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