The 10 Best International Schools of India in 2018

India is growing economically and that is changing a lot of perspectives in its socio cultural aspects. As a matter of fact the current education system of India is highly influenced by this economic development and the result is prominent in its interest in International education culture. As time progresses, International Schools are getting the limelight to educate the kids to be prepared for the global competition.

The world has become too connected with the technological up gradation and economic dependence; it is hardly possible to call someone a country’s citizen. The transactions in financial, business and political aspects have curved the path for a global community. We are all moving slowly to become the global citizen, and to be that, a holistic education is the most important factor, to omit the possibility of lagging behind.

Those days are gone when just mugging up a thick book and being a book worm was considered as the virtues of a well-educated person.  International schools have come up with different approach and try to give a wholesome experience of what is called a true meaning of education.

In the latest issue of The 10 Best International Schools of India in 2018 we have tried to highlight some of the best names of the country where enrolling a kid’s name is just getting one step ahead to handle any international standard competition.

Apeejay School: Reinforcing a Highly Focused and Curated Education Experience

The mission of the institution is committed to nurture principled, compassionate and innovative leaders for global stage, equipped with skills critical for success in a highly connected and fast evolving world.  

A School is a foundation to build a student’s ability to grow as an individual with a right blend of virtues and knowledge. Right from the beginning, it truly gives definition to a student’s future goals and adds value to it each following day.

Spreading its wings, Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai, launched the International Wing in 2016 to provide a world class school experience. It is the latest offering from the Apeejay Education Society, which has built a rich heritage of more than five decades…..


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