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The projected growth for the next decade in the employment of pharmacy technicians is forecasted to increase at twelve percent. It is the quickest rate when contrasted with the average of all the other occupations. The factors advancing towards these are the population aging and the rise of chronic diseases among the age groups. The number of nurses is likewise calculated to rise at around 15 percent from 2019 to 2026. This hike is the direct result of enhanced emphasis in preventive care, the growing rate of chronic diseases and the demand for healthcare services for the overgrowing population. As a result, both the Pharmacy and Nursing Industry, being dealing with the same challenges, may need to take on a greater role in healthcare operations and in strengthening the patient care activities.
Keeping keen eyes on the industry and such scenarios, The Knowledge Review, thus, presents, The 10 Best Pharmacy & Nursing Institutes in India, 2019, which are bringing the relevant education and industry exposure to the students so that they can exercise these course-learned skills to the workplaces. These institutes are establishing an educational environment that caters to the students to build up valuable skills when it comes to the Pharmacy and Nursing industry.

Charnock Healthcare Institute: Establishing Talented Workforce for the Healthcare Sector

To develop this institute into a world-class institution, renowned for its infrastructure, excellence in academics and professional acumen

The industry experts estimate Indian healthcare sector to rise at around $280 billion by 2020 and the rural healthcare at an estimated USD 30 billion market. Due to the absence of established distribution channels, it is challenging to approach this area. Assuring access to affordable healthcare in India is a critical task that calls for a robust ecosystem and effective collaboration between government, industry, and academia. This notable gap between ‘required’ and ‘actual’ healthcare infrastructure has driven significant investment into assets like hospitals and other facilities over the years. The expanding availability and affordability of healthcare are


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