The 10 Best Value Institutes in UAE 2018

The Value of any Entity is determined by the amount of benefit it can provide to the Target associated. Larger the section of target be, bigger the magnitude of value it possesses. When we talk about Education as the Entity and world-wide student’s community as its Target, then the value brought to the fore is too large to be quantified. Its value is magnanimous. Since the inception of civilizations, Education has been the pivotal to all developments and improvements mankind has ever experienced. It has been the guiding light for us on to the roads of success. History has been the witness of the role education has played in multidimensional growth of individuals and countries at large.

It can be said with utmost conviction that to gauge the real-development of any part of our world, education is one of the most apt parameters to be looked upon. Though education in each of its form is valuable but the portion of education being provided into colleges and universities is even more vital. Be it engineering, pharmacy, medical sciences or any other field of higher education per se, the quality being imparted in the institutes has a direct impact on overall development of the country concerned. After all, the group of students present in those campuses today is going to be the leaders in their respective streams shaping the plan & policies of countries across the globe.

Gulf has been the center of some major developments surfaced in the last century. Not only the region is known for its wealth and shining past, it has shown its flexibility to adopt the needed changes for redefining any sector to attain larger goals. The same is being proven through the advancements being made in UAE as far as education is concerned. Braced with new methods of teaching, advanced technologies and global standards of education, the country has already moved towards educational renaissance with a commendable pace. To highlight the valuable contributions of top institutes towards attaining this significant growth in educational-terms, we have come-up with our special edition on “The 10 Best Value Institutes in UAE 2018”.

Gulf Medical University: A Pioneering Medical University Bridging Healthcare with Education & Research


To pursue excellence through integration of health professions education, translational research, quality healthcare, innovation and social accountability enhanced by national, international partnerships and community engagement

Established on the historic land of Emirates, Gulf Medical University (GMU) Ajman? is nothing less than a pristine jewel on the already scintillating crown of the Middle East. Being one of the first private medical universities in the Middle East region, GMU can definitely be credited for bringing the valued education on Medical Sciences to the shores of the Persian Gulf.  It is owned and run by Thumbay Group, a diversified international business conglomerate headquartered at DIFC – Dubai.

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