The 10 Best Women’s Education and Empowerment Institutes in India 2018

From traveling to space to being the President of a country, women are playing a leading role in every sphere of life. Gone are the days when women only used to stay behind the doors and take care of family. Now they are running at the same pace as men, rather some are even going ahead of them. They are becoming business leaders, social reformers, and top-level government officials, and cooking food and taking care of family at the same time, and that’s what makes women the leading players of the society.

To empower women to bring a change that will improve the lives of people in the society, what they primarily need is education, an education that will inspire them to live freely and empower themselves to bring the social change. To showcase such educators and institutes that are helping women achieve their dreams with education, we have come up with our latest edition, “The 10 Best Women’s Education and Empowerment Institutes in India 2018”.

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Eternal University: A Destination Where Career Goals of Women Come True


To transform and empower young women talent through cutting edge education in science, technology, arts and management amalgamated with spiritual rejuvenation for their holistic development to serve the mankind with compassion and love.

Sponsored by Kalgidhar Trust and established by Himachal Pradesh Government Act No. 3 of 2009, Eternal University is one of the first private and residential universities in northern India exclusively for girl students providing the safest educational environment for academic and spiritual development of the students. It offers a drug and pollution free environment for imparting cutting edge scientific and technical education amalgamated with spiritual rejuvenation and holistic development………

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