India’s 10 Best Institutions for Computer Science Studies, 2019

Computer science, as a field of education, is making rapid strides in India. It has created the path for numerous employment opportunities for deserving candidates. Most of the educational institutes are introducing innovative teaching techniques accompanied by modern technologies, instruments, computer-based tools, soft wares, and e-books to improve the teaching–learning procedures and to provide a facelift to the computer education sector.

The leading institutes of computer science are providing specialized courses to train, educate, and prepare eligible candidates who can offer their services and contribute in the development of the technological sector of the country. These institutions opt for a career oriented approach to ensure that students transform into dedicated professionals, and pursue a successful career.

The Knowledge Review thus introduces a special issue “India’s 10 Best Institutions for Computer Science Studies, 2019 ”, which highlights some of the best institutes in India which are transforming and enhancing computer education in a creative fashion. It enlists those institutes which have set a benchmark in the field of computer education, research, and training.

Techno India University, West Bengal– Imparting Knowledge Driven Education of the Highest Quality

The University aims to create quality human resources that are capable of meeting and successfully overcoming the global challenges of tomorrow and contribute effectively to global developments.

Techno India University, West Bengal, was established through West Bengal State Legislature Act in the year 2012. They are one of the best private universities in the global panorama. The university is renowned for its world class faculty members whose unmatched guidance efficiently grooms students and scholars and transforms their dreams into reality. They are committed to generating, disseminating, and preserving knowledge, and to working in collaboration with academic institutes, research centers, and several knowledge hubs within the country and abroad…….


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